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Our bread

All of our breads are naturally leavened using young starter. This results in a mild acidity that accentuates the natural flavor of our carefully sourced grains. Every loaf is mixed, weighed and shaped by hand to ensure consistency and a true craft style. Here are some of our varieties:

Ebey’s Reserve

This 100% Ebey’s Prairie-grown whole wheat bread is full bodied and reminiscent of old world style breads. It is richly wheat flavored with a robust crumb.


One of our best sellers. The simplicity of this bread allows the subtle flavors of our sourdough culture to shine.


This bread is spiked with wholegrain dark buckwheat flour, soaked buckwheat groats and creme fraiche. It has a lovely charcoal-hued crumb and unique nuttiness from the buckwheat.

Caraway Rye

15% organic rye flour adds flavor to this classic bread. We add just enough caraway seeds to accent the rye flavor without overpowering its subtleties. A consistently closed crumb makes this a perfect choice for Reubens and other sandwiches.    

Molasses oat

Molasses, honey, and oats add sweetness while the leaven counters with acidity. A very versatile bread, it is great simply eaten with butter, as a sandwich, or makes a delicious french toast.

Fresh Rosemary and Nicoise Olive

Our basic sourdough bread studded with freshly picked rosemary and french nicoise olives. Herbaceous and briney.

Sprouted Wheatberry

This is the house favorite! Four distinct varieties of wheat come together to make a hearty crumb with fantastic flavor. It is loaded with sprouted wheat and rye berries for texture and to boost its nutritional value.

Barley Porridge with Walnuts

Bread flour and organic whole grain spelt flour are the base for this hearty bread. It is studded with walnuts and barley porridge and finished with a touch of honey. Great served alongside breakfast or schmeared with goat cheese and herbs.

Bread Subscriptions

You can also sign-up for a bread subscription. We have three different types, and deliver to a number of locations on Whidbey Island.

Full Subscription: A loaf a week for a year  $364

Half Subscription: A loaf a week for six months or every-other week for a year  $195

Fun-size Subscription: A loaf a week for 10 weeks  $75

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